Rampant cheating on WU

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On 7/27/2016 at 0:52 AM, Eject said:

#checkclients [<name> [true]]- sends a message to all clients that they should relaunch if they run an old client version.
 if <name> is specified then just send a message to the specified player to get a list of loaded classes.


working or not?


edit: nvm mods have no classes ;)


Mods do have classes, but this command is not implemented in WU (i guess it's part of rolf's anticheat system that was stripped from WU.

At any rate it would be useless, because a mod could just as easily modify the list it sends back to make it look legit/unchanged.

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Same thing I noticed when I played Minecraft in multiplayer.  You really just can't expect people to play legit, especially with X-Ray hacks.

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