Game Breaking Mission Issue

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A GM on my server created a mission and I guess it glitched or something. Now every time we try to set destination to teleport, the mission pops up too, we click send and it says we answered an old question and the mission window is there saying we failed it. We can't set aux data on anything, even packing a tile it pops up this mission. We can't do anything with our GM's because of this. Even manage restrictions on items we can't cause it pops up this mission. We also can't make any other players GM's cause it just pops up this mission and cancels out anything we try to do.


What I'm wondering is how can we delete this mission? When we do #togglemission and type the mission name it says failed to find the mission with this name. We're completely stuck, and the only option we have is to reset the whole server, losing everything we did and our other players. Please help us

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You could shut down the server, use a database browser something like sqlitebrowser and open the database, find the mission, remove that line.


It will be in the wurmplayers.db under the missions table if using sqlite browser you can select that line and hit delete record at the top right, and then write changes at the top.


ALWAYS backup your database to another location first just in case something goes wonky!

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