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[Please Close] WTS Saws, Support beams, Onions, Crates & some bulk items

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5k mortar 2s per K  SOLD
4k Dirt 1s per K SOLD
1k Bricks 2s   SOLD

1k Iron lumps ( 15 ql ) 1s  SOLD
1k Copper lumps ( 11.8 ql ) 1s SOLD
1k Tin lumps ( 27 ql ) 1s SOLD

100 x Support Beams 5s SOLD
8 x  70 ql  Saw   20c each

30 Large (Cedar) Crates  10c each SOLD
12k Onions 91ql   1s per k or 10s for the lot


I live on Xanadu server R14

Can deliver on any server coast (except Chaos) pm me  here  or game.
Orders 3s or more free delivery
PM me or Zetzu  here or in  game   

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