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[PVP] Looking for server Head Admin

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Hello, I am running a PVP server but I find myself with little time nowadays to manage it, so I'm looking for someone interested to manage the server and be head admin and such, with me practically dettaching myself from it. I'd still be paying for it, but you'd be taking care of bugs, making sure mods are working, support tickets, making sure the RAM usage is fine, knowing when to do manteinance restarts, and all the little things that come with a server. There's people who invested time on the server and I wouldn't like it to start deteriorating due to my not being around as much. Also as head admin I'd expect you to handle the advertising of the server and so on.


So basically what I'm offering is an already running server that's working well, with the hosting paid by myself. Previous GM experience would be preferred. I know this is a longshot and I'll keep running the server meanwhile and will continue to do so if I find no one.


Either post here or send me a PM if interested.

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Why not post on your main forum account and show what server it is?


Potential candidates don't want a server with a bad reputation (if it is one of those) and you don't want bad candidates, so would be nice to have all the cards on the table for those interested.

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