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IntraTeleporting in rock commanding=false

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Weird. I've been playing most of the day, logged off, and cam back on. Seems I'm stuck in the entrance of my mine with this repetitive message:

IntraTeleporting in rock commanding=false height=5.5040507


Anyone have this experience and knows a way out? I've logged out and in on my own creative server. The error came while in game. I can't move out of the cave entrance.


I was playing with the server settings and changed the spawn point. But have changed it back thinking this was the only thing I changed before the error.


Any thoughts? Much appreciated.


Edit to add, I reset the spawn point under local server tab. After logging out/in I was able to get away from whatever bug was creating this error and I'm happy to say back to play. I would be interested if any devs have ideas as to what this was. and how to prevent in the future.

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