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MagMellDocks Seeking New gamer or old Gamer Eng- German

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rqcYAzpHi guys,

Im AirborneASE in game Airbornease.

im looking for 1 or 2 ppl that wanna join my deed At Xanadu, Located on map P9,

German or Eng should u be GMT+1, GMT-1 

im Building a Dock, have clay, tar, water and food, Mine

and a 38 by 43 tile big deed.

when ur interessted just write me ingame.

gonna be glad and btw im not the only one, we have a good Alliance and some friends are barly near my position around 6-8 ppl.

i cooperate with my Neighbors alot.

we both have lot of fun, more chat than work and u can almost do what u want.


atm the deed is under construction for terra but its possible to build already a house at a safe spot.

place for 3-4 ppl is possible, i wont bite and looking further for more fun :D

btw im the jung one in our group oldest hit 50.


my gramma issent good i spell like a fool but even fun i can keep up haha.


Ur Welcome to Mag Mel Docks Enjoy us for the glory of... sand? 


Nice day we wish :D <-- picture of deed :D

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