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A couple of new wall types

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So here's one for the art team, as I don't see any new mechanics being needed.


Gate half: 

In terms of mechanics a double door (a noclip wall like the arched walls), so single big door, ends at edge of that wall.  Since we can "flip" walls now you build two of those and flip one to make a double gate.

Gate half top:  

Half the top of an 2-wide arch simply put. Goes on second story (or ground level as someone would make it work, <3 creative Wurmians... heck, could be another wall to add, noclip version for ground level) above the gate halves, works as a window in terms of collisions for the protection of otherwise flying farmers heh heh heh.  


Barns anyone?


And on that note, as an alternative to the "Gate Half", "Single Wood/Stone/Timberframed column" which is basically the arched wall's side pillar straight from floor to roof on a single side of the tile.. once again can be flipped like any wall so no problems with layout, lots of fun to be had for barns, churches, shipyards........ 


I'd do images but imma terrible artist or photoshopper =P  Guess I could make some primitive ones if this confuses too many ppl ^_^

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