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Merchant additions

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I would like to see an additional option added to buildings.  Store mode.  A completed building, walls, floors, and roof could be set to "store mode" when a merchant is placed inside.


When in Store Mode all items placed inside of the building that is now a store, are listed for sale on the merchant.  Each item dropped in the store is listed individually with exception to items left in crates, BSB's and FSB's.  You could set a price for each item, and more specifically each "stack of items" in a crate, bsb or fsb could then be listed for a "per unit" cost.


This would take some work, but would finally allow people in wurm to actually conduct some trade.  Why can't I sell arrows, crops or any other resource material without having to place it on a merchant 1 at a time?


At one point and time I wanted to be a fuel merchant, selling peat, but that's IMPOSSIBLE.  The merchant system was passable 8+ years ago but can anyone tell me any changes merchants have had over the years?



Sorry, last min addition to this.  Would it also be possible to add "renting" to a structure.  This way people can host market deeds and actually pay for them?

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I really would like to hear if The Dev's would consider doing something like this.

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