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[SOLD] WTS Starter Nahjo Priest/Battery Account [price drop]

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Starting Price (euro): € 15

Min Increment (euro): € 1

Reserve: No

Buyout: Taking offers

PM bids possible


PayPal verified only!

I'm also verified, and only will trade with verified buyers.




This account is a good starter account for someone who wants to make a Nahjo priest and doesn't want to start from scratch.


Please see the following link for details on current skills:


The character comes with the following tools:

  • personal merchant contract
  • 81.99QL lantern, iron (Yellow Dye - R=226, G=214, B=28)
  • 51.08QL statuette of Magnaron, gold (required for Nahjo)
  • 68.01QL exquisite meditation rug CoC49
  • 34.40QL grooming brush, oakenwood CoC63
  • 11.76QL rake, iron CoC89
  • 55QL long bow, willow (blank)
  • 2.77QL hatchet, iron CoC81
  • 1QL pickaxe, iron CoC72
  • 17.16QL saw, iron CoC71
  • 9.55QL shovel, steel CoC39
  • 8.49QL carving knife, steel CoC48
  • 72.75QL mallet, oakenwood CoC49
  • 80.06QL sickle, WoA79
  • 58.63QL stone chisel, iron BoTD61
  • 59.20QL needle, iron (bllank)
  • 67.76QL spindle, birchwood (blank)
  • 9.17QL grindstone
  • 10QL tent, cotton (starter one)
  • 16.86QL water skin, leather
  • 18.11QL kingdom tabard, cotton (spare)


He has a wizard look with his long beard and comes with the following armour:

  • 25.71QL sapphire staff, oakenwood
  • 10.39QL ring, seryll (Nolo 90)
  • 10.39QL ring, seryll (Nolo 85)
  • 70.53QL chain coif, copper (head)
  • 71.01QL chain sleeve, copper (left shoulder)
  • 70.49QL chain sleeve, copper (right shoulder)
  • 50.63QL kingdom tabard, cotton
  • 70.96QL chain gauntlet, copper (left hand)
  • 70.16QL chain gauntlet, copper (right hand)
  • 79.76QL cloth shoe, cotton (left foot)
  • 79.79QL cloth shoe, cotton (right foot)
  • 70.20QL chain pants, copper (legs)
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