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WTH Newer players to dig dirt for me.

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I need more dirt, willing to hire people to go dig it for me.  

You dig it up for me and I will pay you for your work.

I will swap your full crates for my empty ones.


I am located just outside of Glasshollow area, this is a npc infested area and dangerous to newer players - Please be aware of this, I hired people who had issues trying to work in the area because they were constantly attacked. 


Paying 1s per 1k dirt. (Will also accept sand as well)

3 Large Crates of dirt - 90c

12 Large Crates of dirt - 3.6s


This is geared towards newer players looking for earn some in game money.


Bulk Sellers please pm me and we can discuss what you are offering.


You can contact me ign: Tuanta or here on the forums.

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This has been fulfilled by a team.


They filled 212 large crates for 63,600 sand/dirt for 63s60c. They managed to fill all those large crates in 4 days.


I highly recommend them for any type of work that you require. They do not mess around.


Thank you Nisustug, Bezdech, Nephilimer and the rest of your team.


Their old thread is here

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