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[SOLD/CLOSED] WTS Grapemead Village Island Deed with Hota, Market, and Materials

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Today, I am putting Grapemead Village (island deed at i15 on Xanadu) up for sale. It's a central location on the server with access to the west coast from Fogshore Canal, the east/northeast coast from Maes Knoll Canal and the south from Mount Fuji's Pass. I opened up a new mine on the deed close to water so you can get the maximum mining potential out of the island. It's only a few tiles in but there's already a slate vein there. There are many other places on the island that you can mine for ore as well so you need not worry. Regardless, even if you're just buying the deed for its contents and you decide to disband it afterwards, that's totally up to you. Otherwise, if you plan to keep it, it's ready to decorate and expand further. Originally, it was only a small point on the island that I expanded to make it the size that it is now (36 by 38). I would much prefer to be paid in EU so it can go directly into my PayPal account for use elsewhere but otherwise I will take silver if that's not an option for you. Anyway, without further ado take a look at the features, contents and screenshots below and make an offer in a reply to this thread. I want to sell this stuff ASAP.


Deed Features:

- Temple Building (path of love tile inside)

- Dockyard (4 docks; 4 tiles long and 2 tiles wide each)

- Stables (some enchanted grass in the stalls)

- Lighthouses (4 towers total; 2 towers 5 tiles high and 2 towers 6 tiles high)

- Market Area (29 stalls available for merchants)

- Hota Area (in front of castle)

- Crafting/Storage Buildings (cook, mason, carpenter, blacksmith and armoursmith; empty spot to add 2 more buildings)

- Guard Tower (5 tower guards)

- Castle/Keep (3 floors enclosed; 4 floor on top is open; 3 towers 4 floors high)


Deed Contents:

- Gold Altar (Nahjo blessed; 1st floor of castle)
- Deer Hota Statue (middle of Hota Area in front of castle)

- Rare Small Cart (sitting on one of the docks)

- Bed, Chest, Fireplace and 4 BSBs (3rd floor of castle)

- Food Storage Bin (sitting on one of the docks; 4214x 99.81QL garlics; 4845x 35.75QL cooked meat; 77x 90.27QL barley)

- Extra Bulk Storage Bin (sitting on on one of the docks; 2405x 28.87QL zinc lumps; birchwood wood scrap 1436x)

- Large Cart and Wagon (Freedom)

Note: I did not list all of the contents here (e.g., BSBs in the castle) so see these screenshots (includes screenshot of the Rare Small Cart).


Deed Screenshots:

-  See these screenshots to view the layout and buildings (includes screenshot of the Deer Hota Statue).


Finally, I also paid 2 silver to the upkeep fund today so it has 39 days, 21 hours and 44 minutes left. The tile per creature ratio is 105 right now. The monthly cost for upkeep is 2 silver, 73 copper and 60 iron. The size is 36 by 38 in case you missed that above.


P.S. Remember to make an offer in a reply to this thread. I'm willing to negotiate and I didn't set a price on purpose to give free reign for people to make an offer based on what they feel is current fair pricing (i.e., based more on deed contents than the deed itself to be honest).

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Added large cart and wagon.

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