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Trimm and Kunibert's craft

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Welcome to Trimm and Kunibert's crafting shop, I am currently working on stocking up on tools, PM me if you would like me to work on enchanting a specific item for you. Thank you for checking out my shop and happy shopping. :)



Weaponsmithing imping service up to 72ql 40c

chain armour smiting imping service up to 71ql 50c






CoC items




pickaxe, iron 17ql 55 coc - 50c

pickaxe, iron 8ql 68 coc - 65c

pickaxe, iron 3ql 61 coc - 60c

pickaxe, iron 16ql 57 coc- 55c

pickaxe, iron 7ql 76 coc - 75c

pickaxe, iron 17ql 66 coc - 65c

pickaxe, iron 26ql 74 coc - 75c

pickaxe, iron 19ql 65 coc - 65c

pickaxe, iron 22ql 87 coc - 90c

pickaxe, iron 16ql 63 coc - 60c

pickaxe, iron 7ql 69 coc - 70c

pickaxe, iron 3ql 53 coc - 50c



rake, iron 16ql 58 coc - 55c

rake, iron 6ql 57 coc - 55c

rake, iron 29ql 68 coc - 65c

rake, iron 9ql 61 coc - 60c

rake, iron 7ql 75 coc - 75c

rake, iron 13ql 63 coc - 60c



hatchet, iron 34ql 77 coc - 75c

hatchet, iron 13ql 87 coc - 90c

hatchet, Steel 2ql 57 coc - 55c



mallet, pinewood 72ql 66 coc - 65c



saw, iron 67ql 54 coc - 50c



iron, sickle 18ql 68 coc - 65c

iron, sickle 21ql 63 coc - 60c

iron, sickle 10ql 67 coc - 65c

iron, sickle 51ql 59 coc - 60c


Meditation rugs

meditation rug, cotton 31ql 51 coc - 50c

exquisite meditation rug, cotton 44ql 69 coc - 70c

exquisite meditation rug, cotton 56ql  64 coc - 65c



scissors, iron 87ql 84 coc - 95c



leggat, oakenwood 66ql 90 coc - 1.2s


Large anvil's

large anvil, iron 68ql 81 coc - 90c

large anvil, iron 83ql 71 coc - 70c






hammer, iron 72ql 75 coc - 75c


Carving knifes

carving knife, iron 7ql 62 coc - 60c


Butchering knife's

butchering knife, iron 21ql 77 coc - 75c


Woa items


Stone chisel's

stone chisel, iron 71ql 55 woa 55c



hammer, iron 80ql 66 woa - 65c



hatchet, iron 73ql 90 woa - 1.2s



pickaxe, iron 59ql 71 woa - 70c


Grooming brush's

grooming brush, oakenwood 55ql 51 woa -



mallet, oakenwood 90ql 61 woa - 60c



shovel, iron 60ql 62 woa - 60c





saw, iron 81ql 52 coc/63 woa - 90c

saw, iron 60ql 80 coc/57 woa - 1.2s

saw, iron 84ql 58 coc/86 woa - 1.3s



hatchet, iron 66ql 49 coc/50 woa - 80c

hatchet, iron 73ql 66 coc/86 woa - 1.4s

hatchet, iron 91ql 70 coc/83 woa - 1.4s


Small anvil's

small anvil, iron 80ql 60 coc/54 woa - 90c





Stone chisel's

stone chisel, iron 80ql 73 coc/78 woa - 1.1s

stone chisel, iron 71ql 72 coc/57 woa - 1s



needle, iron 73ql 56 coc/45 woa - 70c





Place an order if we do not have what you would like and we will try to work on it as soon  as possible. :D  Not doing custom orders of enchants over 70 right now, working on priest. sorry for any inconvenience.(only have vynora priest)

Edited by Trimm
updating pricing
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rake, iron (c85) 17.71ql cod to sushy

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[09:48:49] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.    


Thank you,



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Bump for two awesome guys providing some of the finest quality goods and services in Wurm

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Thank you Rembarnt for your purchase of a 74 coc hatcher and a 71 coc rug :) 

Edited by Trimm

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Thank you Kurisutaru for your purchase of pickaxe, iron 67ql 61 coc/64 woa - 1s

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Hi!  Could I purchase a 90ql iron lantern please?  COD to Tridek.

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