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Settlement invitation possible bug.

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We just discovered something that appeared to be unintended behaviour according to CA.

I started a team to do some mining, and I attempted to "invite" another player (Said just 'invite' on menu).


He did not read the dialogue and just pressed accept, upon which he was thrown out of his own village and joined ours.


According to CA chat he should have to explicitly leave his old village first, which he didn't have to.


I can not be sure about this in hindsight, but it is *possible* that I pressed to invite him to team and this still happend. (Can't confirm this right now but I felt it was worth mentioning).


So from what I was told:

Expected behaviour: Need to leave a village before joining a new one.

What actually happend: Joined new village without leaving his old one first (but it did throw him out).


Possible steps to reproduce(This might be way off):

Invite several people to a team at once and attempt to invite a player to team/village.




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This is not a bug, but it has caught many people unaware (including my husband who joined our friend's deed because she sent the wrong invite and he didn't read the popup).  It's unfortunate that the player must then wait 24 hours in order to be invited back to his village.


You do NOT have to leave your village in order to be invited into another village.  By just accepting a village invite, you automatically leave your current village and end up as a citizen of the other village.


To invite to a village with right click, you choose Invite to Join.  To form a team with right click you Team Up.


Each one has a different popup that the player must indicate yes or no and then click send.  It's a matter of not reading and assuming you are saying yes to the team and not to join a settlement.



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