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The History Of Wurm

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Year 1055


Alas, ancient documents have been discovered. Since the destruction of the Library of Sorrow, it was thought that all knowledge of the ancient world was lost. But this is no longer the case. The Wise Men of Jenn are currently devoting themselves to uncovering the secrets of these texts. They will soon be released as public knowledge.


(basically, I'm re-writing my lore that I wrote a long time ago. Its going to be much better this time, will leave all existing lore as cannon instead of altering it.)

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(This is WIP)


The documents are concise and detailed, beginning to explain the events of Wurm and the other plains, starting from the creation of the worlds themselves...


In the beginning of time, there were the two arch-gods: Rolf and Notch. These powerful beings wrote the laws of the worlds in the mythical language of Java on tablets of glimmersteel. These laws were seperated in chapters: Knowledge, Power, Insanity, and Love. Understanding the secrets of these chapters can allows one to achieve extreme power. From these tablets then shined the Whitelight and the Blacklight, two opposing powers of pure good and pure evil.The energy of the two Lights combined, causing an explosion of energy known as The Nexus. From The Nexus came Sol, Seris, Jackal, Valrei, Haven, and the lands of Wurm itself. Sometime during the worlds' creation, it is said that Notch left Rolf to go and create other worlds. Rolf remained, and created the Game Masters, beings of extreme power, to enforce the laws of his creation. 


In order to give life to the lands, Rolf planted the Great Acorn on the planet Valrei, which slowly grew into the Cherry Tree. Eating a cherry from this tree, will allow one gain hidden knowledge about the Truth, or the true nature of existance, and achieve godhood. In order to protect the tree from unworthy mouths, Rolf created the creature Walnut to defend it, tend to it, and decide who is worthy of its fruit.


Rolf created the Great Wurm to be the lord of the planet Wurm, and to give it life. The Wurm worked tirelessly to plant the seeds of life all over the lands in in the oceans of the world. The Wurm then laid many eggs, which hatched and became his servants, the dragons. The dragons tended to life on Wurm, and in return used it for sustenance.


To tend to the fires of Sol, Rolf created the sentient race of the Demons. The Demons make sure that Sol stays lit, so that it can feed life in the other worlds. And in return, of course, the Demons recieve sustenance from Sol.

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