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ok so some of us, enjoy WURM for the creative side, and i'm one of them, here are a few pics of my latest town, that i havent rooted up TOO BADLY lol.
the first is my estate, i have every harvestable fruit in there, from maple at the f ront to cherries at the back,

next is the future area for the port of "YORKSHIRE" ( I Chose this name, because my ancestors migrated to australia from the county of Yorkshire, a small community named Gatenby).
next is the town square, and next to that to the left are rows of camelias
the last one is my inn, i had originally planned for it to be just a tavern with a couple of cheap rooms and nothing fancy, but i thought why not make it up market, and then i'll design a tavern closer to the port later on. the inn will be 2 stories high, stone or marble floor havent  decided yet down stairs will be the bar and eating area.

plenty still to do, but this is just an example of what you can do with a little patience and imagination, whilst it's not on the level of some towns i've seen, i'm quite happy with it so far.

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4 hours ago, Artheos said:

I recently came across this article about creative people.  I thought you might like to take a look : http://metro.co.uk/2016/04/26/creative-people-might-secretly-be-psychopaths-scientists-warn-5842431/



ahhh nope, definitely not me, lol. i'm placid, i'm best left to my own, am definitely not what this person reckons creative people might be, admittedly some celebrities are very narcissistic


@LorraineJsay again lol,

here is an update of where i'm at right now, remember this is western lakes, and there is ALOT and I mean ALOT still to be done, this is barely 25% of what I have planned as yet. i'm still going to be opening a public server, just not yet, as everything is not in place as yet.


this what west lakes looked like, before ALOT of terraforming went on,





this is west lakes AFTER, ALOT of terraforming went on, the brown area which is dirt, for a massive housing area, I think I may have shifted 100-200k worth of dirt from off the hills near the wst lakes sign.





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just a small update, this is one of many "tudor" houses I have planned for my town,

this is the first fully furnished bedroom, the kitchen is also done, I still have a lot of work ahead of me, on this map. as many as 300 houses to build and the winery area is also under way, along with orchards the ports and so much more,





facepalm forgot to add pics

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why did you drag up this old post and then reply in a language that isn't English, please don't do that again. it doesn't have anything of any use to anyone

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