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(PROJECT COMPLETE) Stable Master (animal ticket system) stablemaster.jar

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Looking for the following mod: Stablemaster.jar



Stable master (NPC)

ticket: object


The concept is to interface with stable master NCP

Target the selected animal (horse)

NPC dialog.   Right click.


Exchange animal (procedure to convert animal to a ticket)

Fee for player custom Price (price configurable flat rate) Toggle on or off (if on 2nd line price = in irons)

Ticket maintains weight of animal.

Ticket then can be loaded into a ship larger than a sailboat. Or custom list.  I need to restrict to ship.

right click ticket (select activate)

Animal is restored next to player and ticket is removed from player inventory.


Would allow for large transport of animals on ship cargo.   Ticket would only load into a ship larger than a sailboat. (hard coded)


Paying $500 for completed MOD

use ID's with 20001 ID range. NPC

use ID with 20002 for Ticket


Note: must be compatible with ago server and client Modloader.


Note:  Author would be able to publish & share with mod community.




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Great. I'll get back to working on it after the kids go to bed. Should have something to send out for testing in a couple days. 

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Released in beta form, forum post here.


Razoreqx=> Feel free to send me feedback or PM me with anything not working as you want it.


Have fun!


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