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W.S.A. - Wurm Online members impersonated via Wurm Unlimited

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As many of you are aware, to join a Wurm Unlimited server you simply need to choose a name and jump in. This ease of access does have a downside though, as individuals have been choosing names of players from Wurm Online and impersonating them in order to either abuse or damage their reputation.


Please be aware of this and do your best to make sure before dealing with anyone claiming to be from Wurm Online that they are indeed the person they claim to be.  Wurm Unlimited servers are run by third parties which means there is no connection between avatars in Wurm Unlimited and avatars in Wurm Online.  Please do not bring any claims to us from Wurm Unlimited since there is no help we can provide for these kinds of abuses as they occurred outside our moderation domain.  It is up to the operators of each Wurm Unlimited server to offer you assistance on their servers.


Thank you,

Wurm Online Team

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