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Accipitris (RP/PVE/PVP, 7.0x Skill, 4x action)

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Welcome to Accipitris! The server is currently up!

Server Mods:

  • Non-Priest restricted
  • No crop overgrowth
  • Inbreed Warning
  • Bounty mod
  • And much more!


Server Details:

  • 7.0x SkillGain
  • 4x Action Timer
  • Active GM's
  • Ultimate Freedom



  • Untouched Wild Map
  • Custom Map
  • 4096 Map Size
  • 40,000 Animals



  • Cheap Starter Deeds
  • Free upKeep (For Now)
  • Bounty for killing and burying monsters
  • Recieve silver for highway building (1s per 20 tiles)
  • Recieve silver for guard towers (5 per)
  • Server events

Planned Features:

  • It's a secret! 
  • If you have any ideas or opinions then please don't hesitate in commenting!


Settlement Grants

  • If you would like a settlement grant contact a server GM or jump on our Teamspeak server! ""
  • To get a grant you must provide a service to the server "growing corn"
  • For example, if you want to make a trade settlement than that can be your service. (It just has to benefit the server pop as a hole


Server Rules:

  1. No Random Death Match (RDM) "You must have probable reason to cause harm to another person"
  2. Do not have a full conversation in trade. Use the PM system
  3. Local Channel is for RolePlay, GL-Freedom is for Out of Character talking and may talk about outside of game things, Freedom must stay in-game related
  4. NLR "No life rule" if you die, you can not return to your body or 10 tiles from death site for 10 minutes
  5. Most important - remember your imagination is the limit, while of course not being an ass

Laws: (Breaking a law is to be dealt by the settlements involved)
      1. Murder is against the law "Of course"
          1a. A murder investigation needs to be roleplayed out properly. If someone kills me I can not remember how or who killed me, it is up to the investigators to determine the details.
          1b. If "BOB" dies, and he is part of a settlement it is that settlements job to decide how to handle the situation, they can either investigate it using their own recourses, not care (Please care), or pay another settlement or private company to investigate.
          1c. If Tom "Killed BOB :(" is found guilty, it is up to the prosecuting party to decide punishment, whether it's dead, jail, etc.

Current GM's
⦁   TheHawkDawg (USA)
Proliphic (CA)


Live map coming soon so for now, here you go!


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New Custom Map Uploaded!

Custom Map has a central river running through it to help with trade through out the map

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If there would be a mod like this, don't care how big one. This would be SO perfect. All that WO lacked.

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wish this was still active, need a good rp-pvp servers where actual heroic stories can happen

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