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5x5 Bounty's Dig Spells, Norhaven Online -

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Connect To:

Or Choose Lands Of Norhaven from WU Loader.


Lands Of Norhaven is a PvE based, socially centered and active, family friendly Wurm server.
Our server is professionally hosted, with our server located on the US East Coast: New York.
Our server is arranged where deeds, and deed upkeep are turned on, with a special in game merchant network system, server project reimbursement program, and special player events in place to help with acquiring in game currency, including bounty system for creature kills.


Daily Backups - Immediate Updates 


Enjoy the following character statistics in Lands Of Norhaven:
Skill gain rate multiplier: 5
Characteristics start value: 20.0
Mind Logic Start: 25.0
Body Control Skill Start Value: 25.0
Fight Skill start value: 10.0
Overall skill start value: 1.0
Player Combat rating modifier: 3.0
Action speed Multiplier: 5
Mining Minimum mining hits required: 21

Server forums and Teamspeak server and web hosted server map are already up and running...all we you.


Connect To:

Or Choose Lands Of Norhaven from WU Loader.






Here's a Detail Description of our Enhancements to Wurm Unlimited:



  • BoatMod - (NEW)
    • Make all animals able to swim while led by a player
    • Enable continued leading of animals when embarking on a vehicle (no more having to frantically re-lead all your critters when you hop in the boat)
  • BountyMod - features (as separate config options):
    • Enable skillgain for fighting/killing player-bred creatures
    • Convert the chance of receiving a coin award from a slim chance of a rare coin to a certainty of a non-rare coin.  Player-bred creatures offer lesser bounties.  (Note that skillgain for player-bred creatures has to be enabled to award bounties for such kills)
    • Bounty for each species of critter can be independently configured
    • (NEW) Can pay to bank account instead of into player's inventory
    • (NEW) Configurable multiplier for all bounties, for ease of fine tuning for your server
    • (NEW) Configurable multiplier for player-bred creature bounties
    • (NEW) Bounties can be paid out of thin air (thus unlimited bounty payments) or from the kingdom coffers (thanks Netscreever)
    • (NEW) Non-hostile, same-kingdom creatures can be set to pay out no bounty (thanks again Netscreever)
  • BulkMod
    • Enables placing hot items into BSBs and FSBs.  (Further features probably coming, depending on feedback)
  • DigLikeMiningMod
    • A recreation of Alexgopen's Digging Like Mining for use with ago's modlauncher.
    • Enabled dredging to ship
    • Added the ability to use dirt or sand piled on the tile you're standing on if you need to use dirt/sand when flattening or leveling.  The game will use dirt in your inventory, then dirt in a pile, then sand in your inventory, and finally sand in a pile, in that order.
  • MeditateMod - features (as separate config options):
    • Enables guaranteed skill success (no more "You fail to relax" or not getting a path question you qualify for)
    • No delay between first 5 skill gains of the day
    • No difference in delay requirements after the first 5 meditations (if the above setting is on, there's no delay requirements for meditation skill gain at all, if it's off, always 30 minutes between meditation skill gains, never 3 hours)
    • Disable distance requirements for meditation skill gains (No more need to move 11 tiles for skillgain)
    • A configurable multiplier for path question cooldowns.  This can be set to half to cut these delays in half, set to 0 to disable them entirely, the choice is yours.
    • (NEW) Specify custom action duration for meditation
  • ProspectMod - features:
    • Prospecting cave floors provides the same information as prospecting a rock tile on the surface above (i.e. detect nearby ore veins)
    • SalveMod - (NEW)
      • A
      • dds "power - " to the beginning of newly made healing cover names, so you no longer have to figure it out in your head.

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