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Cannot hire more guards

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with free deeding and no upkeep settings.

when you create a deed you have the option of hiring as many guards as the size permits, however if you select less than this amount, and then try to add guards later, the max you can hire is 2

[09:47:54] No money withdrawn.

[09:47:54] There was not enough upkeep to increase the number of guards. Please make sure that there is at least one month of upkeep left after you hire the guards.

[09:47:54] No change was made.


But you cant add any upkeep

the window says "There are no upkeep costs for settlements here."


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I had no issues.


[09:05:53] No money withdrawn.

[09:05:53] You change the upkeep plan. New guards will arrive soon.


ah permanent deed tho. So that could be why


This village is permanent, and should never run out of money or be drained. not tried on any other deeds. 

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