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Very Cheap Pelts - Blank 90ql+ for 2c, 50CoC+ for 5c, 60CoC+ for 10c. Also 100ql pelts, higher enchants and 100ql hides.

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it's time for spring cleaning on my priest. Please add 1c CoD fee for Xanadu mailing or 2c for other servers. I will update this thread every morning.


WCP - Wild Cat Pelt (0.8kg)

MLP - Mountain Lion Pelt (0.4kg)

LRP - Large Rat Pelt (0.2kg)

W - Wind of Ages

C - Circle of Cunning


Blank Pelts - 5c 2c

Wild Cat Pelts: 98ql, 98ql, 98ql, 97ql, 96ql, 96ql, 94ql, 94ql, 90ql

Mountain Lion Pelts: 99ql, 98ql, 97ql, 97ql, 97ql, 97ql, 97ql, 96ql, 96ql, 96ql, 94ql, 94ql, 93ql, 93ql, 92ql, 91ql

Large Rat Pelts: 97ql, 96ql, 96ql, 96ql, 95ql, 94ql


Enchanted Pelts 7c 3c

MLP 99ql 2.05dmg W38

MLP 98ql 1 CoC

MLP 98ql 2.97dmg W44

MLP 98ql C42

MLP 93ql 3.01dmg C41

MLP 92ql W41

MLP 84ql 2.68dmg C31

WCP 98ql C38

WCP 92ql C49

LRP 92ql C23


Enchanted Pelts 10c 5c

MLP 91ql C57

MLP 90ql C50

MLP 90ql 2.71dmg W56

WCP 94ql C51

LRP 78ql C58


Enchanted Pelts 15c 10c

MLP 99ql W65

MLP 95ql W66

WCP 82ql C60

WCP 78ql 2.6dmg C67


Enchanted Pelts - Custom Pricing

MLP 100ql 2.34dmg C37 - 12c 5c

MLP 100ql C69 - 25c 10c

MLP 100ql C54 - 20c  7c

MLP 97ql C57W53 - 20c 7c

MLP 90ql C52W98 - 2.5s 50c

MLP 81ql C54W36 - 12c 5c

WCP 96ql 12.76dmg C54W73 - 25c

WCP 86ql C54W34 - 12c

WCP 79ql C32W86 - 1.5s

LRP 100ql 0.15dmg - 10c

LRP 94ql 74W - 50c




100ql 12kg Bison Hide - 25c

100ql 12kg Hell Horse Hide - 25c

100ql 9kg Crocodile Hide - 20c


Contact Info:


Post here or PM me on forum (Archer)

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5 minutes ago, Halebel said:

Blank 99ql MLP to Halebel please.


[13:13:03] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.


Thank you and enjoy!

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