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Forsaken 3xskill/2xtimer/No deed cost

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This is a no mod server. Everyone is started out at 20 skill lvl/10 fighting/22 body control. The skill lvling is lowered due to wanting Priests to have a place of importance. Money is flowing through the server, traders are enabled. It is encouraged to place merchants or provide services to other players. 


There is an Academy in place for new players that want a safe place to learn the mechanics of the game before seeking out on their own. (is not required to join this)


There will be a website in place to show events, along with those in need of items or selling things. 


Events planned for the future:

Boss kills

Dragon Slayings

Treasure hunt

Arena (sparring)


and much much more.   These will give rewards etc. 


Any questions please feel free to join us in game or on TS3

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