Temples and churches of Wurm (pics here)

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On 3/11/2016 at 1:25 PM, zigozag said:

If temple builders don't come to my thread, i come to them! This time it's the glorious Cathedral of Constantinople built by Eyerobot, i presume. 6 1-tile-wide bridges right next to each otehr on 2 different levels. Spectacular. Can you even build bridges like this now?








Now this was supposed to be another screenshot of the cathedral, but a silly walnut decided that it's its chance for a fotosession.




It also served as a light tower helping us find the way home in clear nights. 

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Southwind Port church

Celebration T-13/T-14

Inspired by what churches look like where I live. Pretty simple, it's a shame we're not enough people to hold sermons.

(sorry about the blue outlines...)



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