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Sound - Volume - ingame options

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Since day one, I've wished I could change all my volume levels for Music, Ambient, creature, fighting, etc.  I also want this to be controlled while INGAME and not something that requires logging to change.


I'm sure it is just a Java issue, but by golly, please figure out a way to solve it :)


I imagine a world where I can listen to the Wurm soundtrack when playing casually, then turn it off when I think I hear some sneaky critter near by.  Where as I am sailing and need a quick compass heading, I can just disembark, check, embark, then turn down that awful water sloshing sound (because nobody seems to want this fixed?) and keep sailing.  Where I can be playing, while in a Webex meeting with work, muting the game, but leaving the webex volume normal, so I don't miss my meeting.


Pretty much every game does this.  I think our Code Club devs are more than smart enough to do it too.  Just need to talk Rolf into letting them tackle it and I know they can figure it out.


I have 195 yellow potions I'm happy to donate to any dev player account as incentive, because they are fun!


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I think Wurm is (to date) the only game I've ever played that you can't change the sound volume after running it.


Doubt it's a 'java' thing... works fine in that other rather famous block-based sandbox game, and that's also java based.

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