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Willowhill Manor

is recruiting villagers



There's no logo, but there's an annoying colorful message that the screenshots are in a spoiler below.




The long version:


We are located in southern Xanadu, grid P21 and are a new settlement. The main idea is to help new player learn the game and help them out in terms of decent to good quality gear and knowledge. Willowhill Manor is still developing although we do have a few 5x5 building plots for our villagers. Currently the deed consists of the manor, which is the owner's house, storage area meant to hold resources available for the whole village, a small farm, two animal pens (one for horses and one for other domestic animals), a well, a mine in development and a few plots of land. We have plenty of resources around. We are rich in sand (an infinite sand pit on-deed), iron, willow wood and peat. As the mine develops we will gather more and more stone and metals. As we know, the southern Xanadu is not rich in wildlife, but there's plenty of wild domestic animals around the deed as well as a few wolves, bears and trolls. If fighting related skills are what you're after, there will be regular hunting trips to the northern Xanadu, which is rich with aggressive mobs of different types. The deed is situated on a hill and the area around it is rather hilly, which gives plenty of amazing sights. As we develop we will create a road through a harsh mountain pass that will lead to a place where our harbour will stand. The area is generally remote and civilisation (meaning other active villages) is rather far away. The deed owner can provide decent to good quality weaponry, plate armour, tools and resources.



The easy to read version:


We are a friendly community located in southern Xanadu, grid P21.


Note that the deed is still in development and although we have building plots ready for villagers, there will still be a lot of projects to be done and land to be levelled.


Resources we are rich in:

- Iron;

- Sand (infinite sandpit);

- Dirt (hilly area);

- Willow wood;

- Rock shards.



The deed owner can and is willing to help with decent to good quality:

- Weaponry;

- Plate armour;

- Resources of various kinds;

- Tools.



What we have so far:

- Storage area free to all villagers;

- Small farmland;

- Horse pen;

- Other domestic animals pen;

- Four 5x5 plots of land ready to be inhabited;

- Mine in development;

- Meditation rug free to use for villagers;

- 100 courier cast mailbox (2 minute mail);

- Nahjo altar.



What we will have soon:

- Armory:

Building with weapons, armour and ammo stored and free to be used by the villagers.


- Crafting district:

Compound of a few buildings with good quality forges, ovens and other crafting stations free to be used by the villagers.


- Bigger farmland;


- Tool shed:

A building working on the basis of the armory but with tools inside.


- Vynora altar;


- Vynora priest:

Low level so far but possibly able to cast decent spells in the near future.


- Harbour and an easy road to it.



The deed owner can help with gaining money for premium time under some circumstances and conditions.



Screenshot gallery:
















For more information or if you want to join PM Kushier or SooSzi in-game.

You can also leave a post below or speak up in freedom chat on Xanadu, saying you're looking for Willowhill Manor.


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