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Feature Managemnt window

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Ok I've looked into every thign in WU all GM commands etc. The Feature Management window I have always noticed it was messed up and never correct. You would have on the list features turned of but in game they would work so for longest time I've just ignored this window. But this morning I started to make a bridge and this is after the last patch they done. I found out mystically I couldn't make a bridge was no option for single player bridge. So after some questions and no real answers or help in WurmUnlimited chat channel I played some more and found out a work around and a fix. This only pertains to server owners who use a server company to host there server. The server you run from your pc and offline mode work fine.


You will notice in game when you select wand and right click on the wand going to Creatures then to feature management the window that pops up will show features that are active and not. Now you can go all day long and select to turn feature on and over ride and hit enter and the screen vanishes never changing these features active status. The work around That I used is as follows.


Start Filezilla connect to your host open your game file for that server nav to SQL folder and open up the login.db using SQL.lite. Now go to feature management page and you will notice it is empty or has a few in there. I have made a list telling which id is for each feature follow chart below and add new table for each feature not in your data base and change the 2nd table to a 1 to make it active. Once you have manually added the features over write the Login.db and upload it back to your host then restart your server.


Now when you log into the game and use wand on the wand and nav to the feature management page you will see all them features checked and working.


Featrue Management

          ID     Active=1, Not Active=0 or just remove the table


  • 31        1    Name Change
  • 38        1    New Skill System
  • 41        1    Blocked Traders
  • 51        1    Combat System Changes for creatures
  • 55        1    Blocked Hota terraforming and building
  • 56        1    Free Armour and weapons on spawn
  • 57        1    Random Treasure chest
  • 72        1    Valrei map
  • 75        1    Crop tile poller split
  • 76        1    Single Player Bridges
  • 77        1    Amphora
  • 79        1    Set a destination on a boat
  • 80        1    New portals
  • 81        1    Transform to/from resource tiles
  • 82        1    Wagon Passenger


Video also added to show visual.


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