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Ebony Wand, Mission Ruler, what's the final Piece?

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So the Ebony Wand allows us to modify the world with ease. 

The Mission Ruler allows us to add a feel to the world, making missions and rewards.

I can't figure out/ find the final item that allows you to modify NPC's and scripting. There's starter NPC's that just stand there and chat with you, I tried making a mission using a statue to emulate what they are doing but I can't replicate them. They have an added NPC option to learn and invite to join. All while you can have your pets attack and follow you quite well. 


There's got to be a final tool, is it locked away? How can we access it to script NPC's?

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59 minutes ago, ausimus said:

NPC logic is hard coded.


It would be nice to have some ability to control NPCs...  even simple stuff like restrict the to a focus area, but right now you need to lock them behind gates to stop them wandering off. 


Yeah.  Any kind of customised NPC logic would need a lot of work. 

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