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Hello, I'm sorry if this counts as a duplicate post but the only other threads touching on the subject were about 4+ months old. I'm playing on the Adventure server with HotS but I can't find the cobra king. I saw someone mention a "Range of sharp mountains west of the HotS starting town" but thats done me no good as ive found about 6 different mountain ranges that could be with no cave. If anyone could please offer some more clues I would be very grateful. Doesn't have to be a detailed set of directions but a map coord like f18 or something would be awesome or something nearby thats a very noticable landmark like the bone altar or a lake or something. Anyway, any help would be awesome. Thanks

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launch your own private sever, make yourself a gm and use #locate cobra

then activate your wand and teleport to the exact coordinates it gives you.

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