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Phat's Smithy and Oddities(OFFLINE)

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Tool Creation(Large Anvils 1.5x more than listed price)


QL Blacksmithing Chain Smithing(Iron, set) Jewellery Smithing Shield Smithing Carpentry Fine Carpentry
50 10c 50c 20c 10c 10c 10c
60 20c 75c 30c   20c  
70 30c 1s     30c  
80 50c       50c  
90 1s          
92 2s          


Improvement is the difference of current QL and desired QL. (80 to 90 imp is 1s-50c=50c) Below 50QL is valued at creation price.


Lighting(All iron, PM for other materials and prices)

QL Lamp Torch Lamps Imperial Lamps Lanterns
30 5c 5c 8c 73QL - 40c
40 10c 10c 15c 82QL - 75c
50 15c 15c 23c 91QL - 1.25s
60 20c 20c 30c  
70 30c 30c 45c  


Lamps can be dyed for an additional 2c each. Lantern costs include dye of choice. Free delivery for orders over 1s value. Bulk discounts available.


Enchanted Wares

90QL Whetstone 4.5 Damage 77CoC - 40c

84QL Rake 84CoC - 70c

90QL Axe AD Nim73 FB88 CoC95 MS68 - 4s

93QL Rare Oak Mallet 102 BotD - 12s

90QL Rare Iron Pickaxe 90WoA 85CoC - 9s

90QL Iron Pickaxe 97WoA - 3.75s

90QL Iron Pickaxe 94WoA - 3.5s

91QL Iron Pickaxe 100WoA - 4s





If you need me, post here or send me a PM.

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