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Server Update – 25/08/2020

  • Added “Divine” title for 100 Channeling – grats Elof!
  • Added “Dai-Sojo” title for 100 Meditating – grats Psycho!
  • Uncompletable missions requiring shoulder pads will no longer be generated
  • Crystals of Permafrost can now spawn in treasure chests on Nysa
  • Spirit templars have been instructed to not receive any donuts untill they deal with Gorillas attacking players on their deeds

Added tree and bush planters

  • Tree planters can be made in 8 materials – brick, clay, marble, pottery, sandstone, slate, stone and wood
  • Bush planters can be made in metal or wood
  • There are 6 stages: sprout, young, growing, mature, old, very old
  • Planters will grow by a stage and can be harvested every ~20 RL hours
  • No overaged/shriveled, once they get to very old they will live forever
  • Planters can be harvested once the plant reaches Mature age – older plants will produce more
  • Harvesting isn’t controlled by normal seasons, can always do it
  • Saplings can be picked at Old or Very Old age
  • Planters can grow in buildings, caves etc.



Posted on behalf of the Otherlands community

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The first of the dragons has been slain! Four more to go 🐉


Thanks to all who joined us ❤️







More pictures

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Woot!  That's my deed in the first picture.  :D

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Server Update – 31/08/2020


  • Secret unique tweaks
  • Champion uniques now have a significantly higher chance of dropping sorcery items as personal loot
  • Now with 99% less dead worgs/horses/etc in case of enrage
  • Updated Mail Merchants mod – fixes coins showing in merchant item preview
  • Fixed building stone magic planters resulting in “birchwood stone”… those were just too magic
  • If you have any existing ones like that let bdew know
  • Tweaked planted planter names to be shorter and clearer


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Server Update – 08/09/2020



  • Title for 100 channeling changed to “Allsherjargodi” (previous “Divine” was already used as a journal reward)
  • Server Portal changes:
  • Added selection for which server you want to teleport to
  • Removed restriction on teleporting after combat (“not calm enough”)
  • Increased item count limit to ~300
  • Planters tweaks:
  • Removed debug text from planted tree/bush names and added more information
  • Planted trees and bushes now have randomized rotation for less repetitive look
  • Fixed clay tree planter recipe
  • Secret fun stuff
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Server Update – 18/09/2020


Nysa Connected


  • Nysa is now connected to the other servers, you can travel there by sailing west from Avalon, or by using “plot course”, or portals
  • “Fresh Start” journal tier can no longer be completed, it will be hidden from your journal if you haven’t finished it




Temple and altars 



  • Added Altars mod by Governor and Angie
  • This mod adds a model for the “Temple” epic item that never got a model in the base game
  • Also adds 2 new craftable altars – marble huge altar and sacrificial altar
  • The altars can have items placed on them for decoration



Other changes


  • Stone tree planters recipe fixed to not require pottery bricks
  • Planters from the planters mod can have stuff placed on them
  • The following vanilla items can now have items placed on them:
  • small chest
  • settlement token
  • pillar
  • alchemist cupboard
  • Marble and stone keystones are now decorations and will not go into item piles (you can place stuff on them too)



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