Otherlands PVE Cluster [10x/10x][Modded][Freedom+HotS]

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Server has been updated to WU!

Official patch notes:

Modded patch notes below (and there's a lot of them!)

New character creation system

Now when creating a new character on Otherlands you will be presented with a server selection in the same screen as picking your gender. A handy option to skip the new tutorial is included.


General changes

  • All horse / hell horse colors (besides grey / ash) will now provide the same speed bonus as ebony/molten
  • Unicorn foals are now colored like mature unicorns
  • Unicorn foals can be lead without taming/charming by players with 50+ AH/AT
  • Archaeology fragments have been updated with new 1.9 statues
  • Evergreen Twig is now craftable (arcane shard + any sprout)

Spell changes (after vanilla priest rework)

  • Modded rite of spring is removed, new vanilla mechanics used for all rites (you need to pray after cast to get sb and bonus)
  • Drain Life and Smite will continue working as they did before, 1.9 changes don't apply to the modded version
  • Life Transfer and Essence Drain are both available to WL and BL. Cost is set to 80 on both.
  • Web Armour and Aura of Shared Pain are both available to WL and BL. 
  • New vanilla cleanse is removed as it's already covered by our Enchant Nature. Our old cleanse (that removes all myc on deed) will continue working as is.
  • Corrupt (the spell formerly known as Fungus) had PVP requirement removed (can be cast on Otherland server)
  • Rite of Death had PVP requirement for full effect removed (will spread myc on Otherland server)

Modified archaeology cache system

  • This replaces the vanilla cache system
  • As you investigate tiles on a deed for which you have a full report you will be making progress towards discovering a cache
  • After each action that adds to your progress you will receive one of the following messages (depending on progress)
    • You feel like you're on the right path to finding a cache!
    • You feel like you're making progress to finding a cache!
    • You feel like you're getting close to finding a cache!
  • After enough investigations have been performed you will receive a hidden cache containing high-value fragments and a mini-token of the village
  • The cache will be placed in front of you and you will get an on screen message. Don't forget to loot it!
  • You can acquire multiple caches for the same village and unlike vanilla this does not consume the report
  • For testing the number of required actions have been set significantly lower, it will be higher when this update goes live

Journal changes

  • Added a new journal tier "The Other Lands" - Rewards "Otherlander" title and a fantastic essence of magic
    • Will be unlocked after you complete "Paved With Stone" tier.
  • Paved With Stone (Basic level 3)
    • Removed - Study a tree or bush  
    • Added - Build from a vehicle 
  • On the Highway (Intermediate level 1)
    • Removed - Complete an almanac  
    • Removed - Kill a creature with a catapult 
    • Added - Search a lair 
  • Picking up Speed (Intermediate level 2)
    • Added - Ride a unicorn 
  • The Winding Road (Intermediate level 3)
    • Removed - Win 10 spars 
    • Removed - Ride a unicorn (moved to previous level) 
    • Added - Ride a dark worg 
    • Added - Use a brown potion 
  • Dedication (Priest level 1)
    • Removed - Listen to a sermon 
    • Removed - Link with another priest 
    • Added - Create enchanted grass or mycelium 
  • Approbation (Priest level 2)
    • Removed - Hold 10 sermons 
    • Reward changed, instead of max faith gains per day you will get 20% less penalty to casting from armor. This stacks with shoulderpads and can reduce the penalty to 0. 
  • Benediction (Priest level 3)
    • Removed - Hold 100 sermons 

Fishing changes

  • Players will receive an on screen notification when a fish bites (when rod fishing) or spawns (spear fishing) 
  • Caught fish can be automatically stored
    • When fishing from the ground this will try to store the fish in any keep net that the player has open
    • When fishing from a boat it will try to store in attached keep net, or crates/FSBs for larger ships or ship hold
    • When fishing with a net and none of the above apply the fish will be moved from the net to player inventory
  • Skill gain from fishing increased and will now also come as passive ticks during fishing actions 
  • Spear fishing no longer misses if you click too far from the fish
    • Instead - if you click close you will get a bonus to your skill check
  • Nimbleness cast on spears makes fish with them easier
  • Wind of Ages and Blessing of the Dark casts on rods/spears/nets and their QL make fishing with them faster
  • Fishing timers have been tweaked to be significantly faster (all modes)
  • Lore action will display a detailed report on all that you can currently catch after 40 skill
    • After 60 skill you will be able to look up detailed report on each fish, see what it likes and how it affects your chances
    • Lore action has also been sped up significantly





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7 minutes ago, bdew said:

Server has been updated to WU!




very very awesome :D



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Server Update - 10/04/2019

  • Difficulty of archaeology caches was on a low testing setting that i forgot to change, oops! They are now significantly harder to find.
  • "Store favor in a gem" journal entry can now be completed with draining for lib priests.
  • Rift creatures are not affected by libila passive (that makes monsters neutral).
  • Jewelry enchants can now be casted on magic jewelry.
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Server Update – 12/04/2019

  • Healing resistance will now expire much more quickly and stack up to significantly lower times
  • Crates can now sort by QL (thanks TheThing for contributing some code and ideas)
    • All existing crates will have sort toggled off, but new crates will have it on by default
    • Can be toggled just like BSBs
  • All bulk containers that can sort by QL will now show sorted/unsorted status in the name
  • Fishing: Grubs, wurms, twigs and bark can be now always gathered from all tiles of the correct type and without having to wait for the tile to repopulate
  • Caravel base speed increased to be more similar to knarrs
  • The following items can now be waxed to preserve like food:
    • All flower bouquets
    • Rose flower
    • Lavender flower
    • Camellia leaves
    • Wemp plants and fibre
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Server Update – 13/04/2019

  • Fixed issues with using crystal of eternal flame to smelt things in piles on the ground
  • Updated taxidermy to work with new animal colors
  • Fixed taxidermied hell horses, hens and rooster display issues
  • The following additional items can now be waxed to preserve like food:
    • Cotton
    • Clams


Server Update – 15/04/2019

  • Artifacts can no longer be found by random digging
  • Fixed Bag of Holding spell failing to work on magic chests
  • All jewelry damage and protection spells can now be cast by priests of all gods
  • Crusaders kingdom temporarily removed from heraldic certificate as the art was removed from 1.9 client due to copyright issues
    • Existing items will show their default texture until the new art is re-added to the client
  • Added new options to heraldic certificate
    • Military tent for Ebonaura
    • Flag, banner, tall banner and military tent for Valhalla Descendants
    • Flag, banner, tall banner and military tent for Wurm University
    • You can see all the new stuff on our brand new Heraldic Certificate page
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Server Update – 19/04/2019

  • Added water rune – can be applied to anything that can hold water and will make it magically refill with water
    • Uses jewel smithing to craft, check recipe screen for full recipe
    • Does not apply to wells and fountains – those still use a piping kit
  • Feeding hand spell will now fill chicken coop feed boxes in range
  • Chicken coops can now be dyed
  • Hens laying eggs in coops will now produce 99ql eggs like they do on the ground
  • Removed many modded items from appearing in missions
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Easter is Upon Us!


Easter is here, and with it the Easter bunnies have arrived to litter our lands with their weird, colored, eggs!
You can find eggs just laying on the ground, by foraging (once per character) and even in some creature dens.

Later today we will have a special Easter dragon hunt, and after the dragon dies some different kind of eggs will appear across the land!


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Posted (edited)





Easter Day dragon hunt. Or did I imagine it?

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Hey im in there, im the one looking like a bunny :P

Was an awesome slaying of 2 confused dragons lol

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Server Update - 26/04/2019

  • New item: Tool Bag
    • Can hold all the big tools (rake, scythe, diotra, fishing poles, etc.)
    • Made with leatherworking – check in game recipes screen for recipe
    • Can be equipped in back slot (but looks like a normal backpack)
  • Fixed feeding hand to not un-chop vegetables when filling chicken coop feeders.
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Server Update – 02/05/2019

  • Altar of youth can now be improved when not heated
  • New item: Arcane candle – looks like a normal candle but never burns out
    • Made with arcane shard + wax. Uses natural substances skill.
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Server Update - 10/05/2019

  • Statue of Unicorn, Lava Fiend and Tich reduced to 40 required fragments like the other statues
  • Amount of investigation required to uncover an archaeology cache reduced by 30%

Server Update - 24/05/2019

  • Gorillas will now spawn on all servers (in mountain areas)
  • Hyena changes:
    • Hyenas can now spawn as both sexes
    • Hyenas can be lead and mounted without taming by players with 50 AH + AT
    • Hyenas base speed as mounts and bonus from speed traits increased
    • Hyenas will live significantly longer
    • Note: Hyenas still spawn only on otherland, this is not changed. If taken to another server they might be aggressive towards players that don’t have the 50 AH/AT bonus or Fo priest passive.
  • Rite of death Land of the Dead can now be cast on all servers
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wrong spell
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4 hours ago, bdew said:

Gorillas will now spawn on all servers (in mountain areas)


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Server Update – 08/06/2019

  • Added “Crack Pot” title for 100 pottery skill – grats Kitcorps!
  • Evergreen twig can now be set to change 5×5, 3×3 or a single tile
  • Kingdom animals that are born on deed will be assigned to the kingdom of the deed
    • This will hopefully prevent newborn hyenas from suiciding by attacking their parents or guards.
  • Fixed Rite of Death failing to spread mycelium on otherland server
  • Gems below 10ql will be destroyed if you use them with Libila drain ability


Server Update - 28/06/2019

  • We no longer support server ranking site due to them blocking users with adblock from voting, as such all voting links have been removed from the site and from the game

  • God avatars have been granted the power to dispose of mortals that annoy them too much
  • Fixed multiple cases of engrish in modded actions
  • Discord bot will now show the number of online players
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