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More Building Materials

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Just that currently their are 3 types of buildings the resources are in place why not example.


Colored Brick

file iron lump to make iron powder

mix with Acid to make Red or Brown Iron Powder mix this with Mortar/ Clay and Sand to get Red or Brown bricks  for red or brown brick buildings :)


Asphalt Shingles =  Wood  makes Paper + Tar + Sand gives you  Asphalt Shingles :)


make the wood floor the color of the wood you are using ? 


Wood siding = planks and small nails :)

Interior wall improve  drywall  rock dust or being specific  gypsum either way  mix with water.

Paint wal improve interior or exterior wall Paint.


Many ways to make paint common animal fat or olive oil = oil mix with pigments   reds to blacks can be made with iron powder and acid rest berries  and flowers.

So Many things can be done to improve things and allow people to create gets rather old rather fast with limitations people like options.

First come up with a standard mode loader and build it into the system 2 info out their how to make modes and 3 put mods in steam workshop to download. 

no one can find them here and then to download what modloader come on.  


great base so lets build !

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