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closed - bought out - WTS Deed: Constantinople - Video

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Hello all, 


We have decided to sell our beautiful home located at the exact center of Xanadu, K18.

The deed has coastal access from north and west and a project going on to have access to SE xanadu.

From the west coast you can sail here under 15 minutes.

I made a long video to show every corner of our deed. It's unedited so you may consider playing it 2x faster.

We have a "pirate cove" under out deed where we park the ships and accept deliveries. There are also several iron veins, copper, tin and silver.
We have a secondary large mine with 5-6 iron veins. And a public mine "darq passage" with everything utmost right next to us.

In the front you can see massive 700-800 tile farming space with the horse farm. Love and Knowledge, clay, tar tiles are also here.
Mid level is the fancy residential houses and the 3000+ pans capacity cooking school.

Upper Mid level is the Inn, the floors are not complete and it has 15+ rooms, and a dining area for your guests.

Top floor is the crafters quarters with the Leatherworking, Cooking and Blacksmithing buildings. Our spectacular cathedral where we hold sermons is also at this top floor.


Behind the deed there are "Burrows" low income residence where we accommodate our first-time-in-wurm villagers.

Back on top, through the bridge you can access to the huge tree farm(not all planted yet) and the massive fields in the back on top of the hill.

This area is not deeded but securely enclosed by hedges all around.

When we moved here last year it was only a piece of rock with a pretty view. We dropped 100+k dirt to make this beautiful home to happen. 

We tried to keep that medieval look with irregular stone houses and narrow streets.

We just want it to go to someone who can make a use of it.


There are so many stuff, materials, forges, rare altar, bsbs, fsbs full of stuff that I cant make an inventory. 

You are welcome to walk the deed yourself or ask for a personal tour. 


Some of the items may be sold before land sale.

You can place your offers here, or in private.

Friendly PCs are welcomed as well.


Thank you for your interest in our property.


Here's the link to the video:






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Willing to contribute 1.5s to the rename cost if the buyer wants to rename it to Istanbul, because that would be hilarious.

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Estimated resale value of the items on the deed is 100s. Come see it yourself.

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That church is exquisite.

I really do not understand how you were able to create it to look like that,

but would be fascinated to hear more about it. LOVE the entire place.

The bear rug room gave me a chuckle. Very nice.

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