There have been many reports of people having a decrease in graphical performance since the new models went live, while others have expressed an increase. Please post the following to help track down the issues:   If you are on Windows, the easiest way to get the information needed is by clicking on Start > Accessories > System Information, and clicking on File > Save. You can also just click the Start button and type "System Information" if you are on Windows 7 or higher.   If you do not feel comfortable posting the requested information publicly, please make a post with as asked and indicate that you're emailing the information. Then send the options dump and system information to Please include your FORUM account name in the Subject.   EDIT: After some testing, it seems that one point of difference is whether or not there are players in local to you. If you've made a post and see this and you can remember, please edit your post to indicate if there were players in your local and how many if you recall. New posts, please try to indicate how many players where in local with you, if any. -- Thanks!   Note: If you have just logged in, press F1 to open your console and type: dump options. Right-click the console and "copy entire tab". Then paste it into a paste bin. That will take care of graphic card info and wurm settings. Example:   Indicate the problem you have noticed as precisely as possible. Crashing? Memory usage? Travel lag? Indicate steps that you can take to reproduce the issue, even if it's just "stay logged in for 8 hours" Indicate the number of clients you are running as well and the memory usage reported in Task Manager Java Version Operating System and Version CPU System RAM Graphics Card, Graphics card memory, Current driver version Current Wurm settings - just the graphics options is fine. Indicate if you are using a modified shortcut that changes things such as heap space. Wurm client you are using and the version in the title bar