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[BUYOUT, CLOSE] Trader Deed [Dark Runes] Inde

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WTA this trader deed:




Dark Runes


The size of Dark Runes is 29 by 29.
The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired.
The settlement has 16 silver, 17 copper and 32 iron in its coffers.
The monthly cost is 1 silver, 68 copper and 20 iron.
The upkeep will last approximately 269 days, 5 hours and 35 minutes more.
This settlement has acquired knowledge that increases the productivity bonus of its citizens by 3.0%.


Deed is located at 51x 52y on community map and Q22 on in-game map. Its at coast of Elysian Bay.


- Very good location! Easy access to all around Elysian Bay. Short trip to Deliverance border(south).

- Great bay-side view! Hill behind the deed, great opportunities to terraform the deed even more amazing!

- 1 Trader on deed (private).


I can't guarantee this ofc, but i've been able to get 3,5-7s monthly.

- Medium pen for animals on the deed.

- Clay on deed (big deposit). Small desert next to east(+GT).

- Highway on the deed west-east.

- 4 Buildings on the deed. 1 multistory, please check the pics below!

  * Silver altars of Vynora and Magranon inside main building and mag altar in the caves.

  * Many forges, anvils, pans, fuel, cooking items and wemp ready for use. (check pics)

- Cave partially on the deed with few veins. Iron (utmost), Zinc and Copper.

  * Some parts of the caves have collapsed and messed due to the old 'feature'.

- Coastal deed. Plenty of flat land just at coast!

- Very good old player neighbours (Ayesha, Willow)! Short trip to nearby se-steppe for hunting!

  * This might be very good place for small group of new players too! A lot to do and nice area! (check the pics below)

- Lots of great terrains around, specially towards north, to adventure!

- Lots of basic supplies and items on deed.(check pics)

- A wagon and few carts.

- Spirit castle, enchanted power[88].


- Mountain in the picture is Sharfin Peak @ Elysian Bay! Amazing view!




Starting bid: 25€ (25s)

Min. increase: 1€ (1s)

Snipe protection: none

No reserve

Buyout: taking offers


Time: 4 days. Check the timer below. (buyout will close).

Payment: I prefer € / £ / $ and via paypal. Im paypal verified. (rate 1s=1€)






I can sell a cog and small sail boat to the buyer cheap too! Both can be delivered to the deed!


If you have any questions, please pm me here in forum (Corrax) or in game (Cormax)!



Fixed the details.


Trying to fix the timer.


Sold, buyout!

Edited by Corrax

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Sold, can be closed now!


Thanks for everyone who offer buyout and sorry for the mess with so many messages! I try handle it better next time!

Another trader deed coming for sale later this week when i get moment to put it here, stay tuned! :)


- Cormax

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