Launching multiple clients without killing steam and without any 3rd party software

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I am having problems getting the second client to run. I have the steam_appid.txt file in the WurmLauncher folder. While both steam and Wurm Unlimited open, I try to run the WurmLauncher.exe file. A steam window comes up saying that it is preparing to launch Wurm Unlimited...then the window goes away and then the window switches to the currently running WU client. Any ideas?


EDIT: Nevermind. I ended up trying to copy the file from the WurmServerLauncher folder and it worked. It seemed that it didn't like the .txt exten

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Yeah that's easiest. 


It DOES need to have a txt extension, but if windows is "hiding known extensions", which is the default setting for Windows, and you add a  .txt,  you potentially end up with "steam_appid.txt.txt" without realizing it.


Simply copying over the file from WurmServerLauncher solves that (it lets the .txt extension stay hidden if you are using default settings) and it prevents any other  accidental typos while making a new version of the file.


Most nerdy types have the default windows setting to hide common extensions disabled, because they like to see exactly what the true filename is. 



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