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Yesterday, 30th January I left the path of love on Desertion.

[14:07:08] <Stimrol> [14:07:02] You decide to stop pursuing the insights of the path of love.

Then tried to change to new path and got question for it and understandable I was told to wait for 24 hours until I could pursue a new path.

[14:09:29] You recently left a cult and need to contemplate the changes for another 23 hours and 57 minutes before embarking on a new philosophical journey.

So then today I had changed my server from Desertion (where I left the path) and gone to Elevation and wanted to pursue the new path. I see that I am back to Love and have to leave the path again to be able to join new path.

I went back to Desertion thinking it might be because I changed servers, but I am also love there. So back to Elevation and I leave the path a second time and again have to wait 24 hours.


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Worked after I left the path again and stayed on the same server for 24 hours.

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