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Annoying graphics issue

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While moving from tile to tile, walking along a stone path perhaps, there is a slight pause as I cross the borders. As you might imagine, it is annoying. My settings aren't set to extreme or anything like that, and I have things like shadows off, etc. Any ideas?  


More Info  GPU-Z shows that the game is not really using a lot of my gpu or card memory. My card is not new or fancy. Also, GPU usage jumps all over the place from 2% to 100%. 25%, then 80%, then 7%, all within seconds. I tested this while walking back and forth along a medium length path, maybe 7 tiles. Why wouldn't it use more of the GPU? Wouldn't that give me smoother play and a higher frame rate?


related rant: I wish graphics were smoother and better. Other, seemingly more demanding games, perform much better with higher frame rates and great looks. I don't get it.

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