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Are you someone who enjoys reading lore?  Do you appreciate the fictional history of video games, and have an interest in helping to build such history through story telling and gameplay?  Hopefully someone out there has answered yes to at least one of those questions!  Or am I all alone in this boat? 


Cutting to the point; I enjoy creative writing.  I won't say I'm great at it or that it's my day job because it certainly isn't, HOWEVER, I do enjoy a bit of fiction and history.  I've been tinkering around with writing some fictional lore for various Wurm Online related things, and I had a wonderful -hopefully- idea.  Let me write lore for you about your village.  It's as simple as it sounds.  I'd like to write lore for your village/settlement. 


If you love your village and are interested in the idea of having written lore to accompany it, please do inquire here or by pm.  I will charge you nothing for creating fictional lore for you, and if you don't like the lore provided I won't post it here either for others to read.  If you do like the lore and you'd like to pay me for it, pay me with in-game currency in whatever amount you feel is deserved.  Again, I repeat, there is no required cost, I'd just like to flesh out the fictional history of Wurm a bit and I might as well do it for other players who enjoy lore as well.  Don't be shy, leave a comment or pm me and I'll get back to you quickly. :)

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