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All creatures spawn on one map

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One thing bothers me since the beginning of Wurm Unlimited.

Not all available animals that COULD spawn on one map do so.


For example the whole range of home servers animals (example: Gorillas, Hyenas) dont spawn on my pvp Map without epic stuff.

Also creatures that are in the game, but were never meant to spawn under normal circumstances, could be implemented like this... for example the zombies from the Halloween events and such... I would really like them to spawn in my world naturally without my doing.

That also includes stuff like epic god sends this and that mobs... would like to have them naturally spawned.



Also it would be great to have the uniques respawn set to 2 days or something like that, if someone does know how.

Its not that I gank them every day ^^ Its just it takes forever for them to all spawn naturally and I really much prefer natural spawning and not placing them myself, thats too controlled for my taste.


So... could it be made so, that all the creatures (or most) available do spawn naturally?

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that sounds kinda cool.


and Jenna...why shouldnt this be a mod?

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