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Pickup Planted Permissions issue

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I added some citizens to my deed, and decided to lock down the permissions, so they couldn't take my expensive items.  A member of my deed mentioned that he was unable to transfer items from a wagon, to a FSB (and bsb) in a building. I checked the building permissions, and "citizens" has Pickup Items, and May Enter. I decided to ask in CA Help, and was told that the bsb and fsb could need a lock, so I could permission it on the item level.  After doing that, no such fix. 


I demoted my alt to citizen so I could further identify the resolution.  The resolution is that citizens require Pickup Planted in order to move items from a wagon/cart to a fsb(or bsb).  I think this a huge bug. As a prime example, I want people to take food from my hota, but not be able to take my hota. Pickup Items should allow them to transfer items directly from a wagon to a destination.


Do note that going from inventory to destination does work as intended.  

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