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Olympus Group - Dedicated 24/7 Server

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!!!!Hello every one our server "Olympus Group" is looking for New players!!!!







We are a 200 Slot DEICATED 24/7 Server.

Join our website at:

Join us on TeamSpeak at:



The Olympus Group was founded by Hades as the face of our Wurm Unlimited server

The Overview of the Olympus Group
Our overview is to run a Wurm claster where the game is well balanced and fair to all players, where the server owner and GM'S take the time to ask players about things that need work, fixing or improvement as a whole.

(EVENTS ARE ON HOLD TELL WE GET MORE MEMBERS) We have events most days where you can walk away with some good loot and thing you can play with :

we have a fishing event which is really fun
Scavenger hunts
Deal or No Deal-type game
Random chests
Random fight
Trivia with Wurm themed questions

We will be adding mods that have a positive effect on the server and game play. For example: a bug fix is a positive effect, on the other hand, adding no restrictions for priests would be a unbalanced and unfair mod.

Server rates:
Skill gain rate and timer speed : 2.5x (we feel this gives a nice rate for players with the will to play Wurm the way it was meant to be played, and it removes some of the grind)
PVE map size is 4096 with a max creatures of 64K - aggressive creatures 35%
PVP map size is 2048 with a max creatures of 25K - aggressive creatures 35%
Our minimum mining hits is 51 - we feel that this give the right amount of rock and mining rate
We have deeding costs and upkeep enabled
Field growth is set at 4hr per tick, 6 ticks per cycle.


Notes and Misc. Information:

We have a fully dedicated TeamSpeak with 512 slots so there is room for everyone! Server: (No password Required.)
Olympus Forum is in depth and has an incredible range of features.
Both the PvE and PvP maps are custom made and any additional maps will also be custom made.


The GM Team

Server Owner: Hades
Server Fairplay Officer: Needed
Head GM and Community Manager: Needed
GM: xxToastEaterxx

GM: MindOverMatt

Event Coordinators: Needed-LATER 

The CA Team

Head Moderator: Needed
CA: Needed
CA: Needed


Our server has Mature Management and Mature players. We also need staff, so join the server play build a good reputation and prove your self.

Parents: If your child is Seeing/Hearing/Reading unacceptable content it is your job to monitor what you child does on the Internet, we assume no responsibility as checking ages is extremely difficult.




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Not sure as i had to leave the night he joined do to other plans, have not seen him since.... But you are welcome to join the server

Edited by MindOverMatt

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Sounds like a fun server. Too bad you have deed cost and upkeep. :(

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