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Jewellery Enchants

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This is based off the fact that there are 2 ring slots and one neck slot, I have not accounted for bracelets as they are not targets for these spells:


Essentially a set of new enchants for rings and neckwear, split into 3 groups; body, mind and spirit.  These enchants are difficulty 60 (same as regular enchants) and cost 60 favor (same as regular enchants).


Body (Mag,Lib,Fo)

Empower - Body Strength

Balance - Body Control

Haste - Body Speed


Mind (Mag, Lib, Vyn)

Intellect - Mind Logic

Wit - Mind Speed


Spirit (Vyn, Fo)

Faithfulness - Soul Strength

Wisdom - Soul Depth


They are applied to jewellery items with only 1 such enchant of this type being on a ring (only one stat boosted per ring) and 2 on an amulet (2 stats boosted per amulet).


Rings grant a ((Ring QL + Cast Power)/100) bonus to the wearer's stats enchantment.  (+2 cap)


Amulets/Necklaces grant a ((Amulet/Necklace QL + Cast Power)/50) bonus to the wearer's stats based on the enchantment. (+4/+4 cap)


These two combined mean that the total bonus can be up to +8 to one stat, +4 to another with two 100QL rings and a 100QL amulet with 100 power casts, not too game breaking considering the rarity of those casts.


When worn by a free player this bonus WILL NOT take them over the 20 cap.



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