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Fairytail Island - Please Close.

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Fairytail Island

Created by Mavis/Sprigor


Team Speak:


Special Thanks to Miretta for the Custom Earthland Map!


What is Fairytail Island?

  Fairytail Island is a Wurm unlimited Server Based of a Popular Anime called Fairy Tail! Using the Earthland Map of Fairy Tail and with the help of Miretta, we created a world very Similar to the design of Fairy Tail.


Does this server have PVP or Just PVE?

  This server is a PVE world with a PVP Island. It also has "Hunt of the Ancients(HotA)" Events.


Is this server dedicated? How long will it be up for?

  Fairytail Island was created as a place for players to join and play for a long time. It is dedicated and Open 24/7, 365.


What kind of events does this server have?

  Fairytail Island will hold Unique Slayer Events, HotA, as well as Special Exp Events. (More Events to Come)


What is the current server setup?

  Right now the Server is;

  • 3x Skill Rates
  • 5x Action Timers
  • 15,000 Creatures with 35% Agreesive
  • Plant Growth is set to 24hrs for full cycle
  • We have a custom map, 4k by 4k
  • Deed Costs are 50% OFF
  • Deed Upkeep is On and Normal
  • Starting skills is 1, Characteristics are set to 20
  • Mods are active on Server (see Mod Section Below)


What kind of Mods does the sever have?

  Fairytail Island has quite a few mods actually. All of them to improve the way of life in Wurm.

  Current List of Mods;

  • Bounty Mod (Mobs Drop Money Upon Death)
  • Creature AGE Mod (Mobs age faster until They are of Adult Age)
  • Creature Mod (Custom Creatures have been added to Server as well as few Reskins)
  • Creatures On Water (You can now Lead Many more animals over water; Ex: Cows, Bulls, Sheep, Chickens, etc)
  • Crops Mod (Plants will never Wither Away)
  • Digging Like Mining (All Dig actions that put items in your inventory now drop them to ground; Ex: Clay, Tar, Dirt)
  • Mailbox Mod (Mail now costs NOTHING to send. You may still COD Players)
  • Meditation Mod (You wont fail meditating, and The 10 Tile Distance Limitation was removed.)
  • Skill Fix Mod (Characteristic as well as normal Skills now correctly gain exp according to Server Rates)
  • Spells Mod (Priest Limitations have been removed, This includes Building, Crafting, Skill Rate Penalty and Spells required Linking have been set to 90 Favor)
  • Upkeep Mod (All Deeds now cost half price to Expand, Resize, and Deed)
  • Ago's Client Mod (This is required to see the In game Map as well as Custom Graphics) **** Requires Ago's Client Mod Loader ( Click Here To Get It )  ****


How active are the Staff?

  I am on Everyday. Be it my Main GM account or my Secret Leave me be account :P


Will I be accepting more staff?

  Of course! We are planning to accepting Applications for Staff as well as CA Players. (some people will be personally asked for a spot based on what we see in game)


How is money earned on Fairytail Island?

  Like most servers you can gain money from selling Items of High QL to the Traders in Spawn, Earthland HQ. Money can also be gained from Events held by GMs and of course Hunting Mobs and Selling Loot.


Is there an Official Staff List?

   Staff Team

  • Mavis (Dev: Owner)
  • Precht (Arch: GM)

   CA Members

  • Sprigus



-More To be Added Later!

Edited by Sprigor

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Added Team Speak and Updated Map.

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