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[Xanadu] Small town Constantinople Looking for Settlers.

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Constantinople located in the very heart of Xanadu (K18) is looking for friendly villagers. 

Whether you are a seasoned player coming back to wurm or you are a brand new player, we have room for you.


We are dozen active players who specialize in blacksmithing, shipbuilding, weaponsmithing, leatherworking, armorsmithing, enchanting and in farming. 

There is always things to do around the village but you are not required to do any chores. If you like you can participate in our business and make some coin.


We are mostly on in the evenings Central America time zone. 

Come see check it out yourself, perhaps this might be the perfect new home for you.

Reply here or contact: Eyerobot, Nazero or Copeland ingame for more info. 





The front face






Panoramic View





The Raw Hide is our leather-working and tailoring building.



Captain Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop is one of the most active blacksmith shops in Freedom Isles. With our three Master Blacksmiths and four apprentices the blacksmith shop brings us most of our revenue.




In the very center of Xanadu. Through tunnels in every direction Constantinople is easily accessible by water.





Our Cathedral of the Lady of the Lake. This is where we hold sermons. Priests of distant lands who come to attend our sermons rest in our inn, fish in our lake and train in our cooking school. 







Academy of Culinary Arts is our cooking school. with it's 3000 pan capacity you can raise your hot food cooking to 70 in minutes. 





We remember(!) those who left us abruptly.






Real life architects planning our town.



Overview of our farmlands and stables.



Time travel. This is how the land was when we moved here. We had to drop 100k dirt and terraform for months etc. We still have the seal.




Constantinople is built on a giant rock hill. Under the town we have endless dungeons where we stash our goods. It is also a ship drive-through where our customers drop and pick up merchandise. It's like... our personal pirate cove!



Enterance to our Pirate Cove. Open Sesame Open!

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Hey! I just picked up the game a day or so ago and going to be subscribing tomorrow. Any chance there's a spot for an aspiring blacksmith?

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I am a new player looking for a town to live but i live in europe,  will it be a problem? I dont want to be alone in the whole town. 

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