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It seems surprising to me that after about a decade, we still have the same three wall types and very basic construction creativity options in a, for all intents and purposes, game revolving around construction and design. There isn't a single player who doesn't need a structure of some kind, regardless of PVP or PVE servers. That's why I think it's high time to go through a number of additional option ideas.




Log Cabin: Pretty self explanatory - easier than the wooden plank walls, an ideal first home for a new player - chop some trees down and use the logs as well as a few pegs to create your first home - no nails required!


Mud Hut: Gather some dirt and some water, and mix that tincture together for some sloppy, nasty, dirty wet mud to sling up yourself a nice one story, 2x2 tile max size mud hut. Perfect for that long trip when you really need to get some shelter.


Tee Pee: Of course, what's better than a good old fashioned Tee Pee when you're a wandering nomad? Nothing, that's what. Get yourself some square pieces of cloth, some shafts, and blammo you've got the makings of a nice cozy native home.




As we all know, roads have overgone a nice little overhaul, for paving you can now pave a corner, which makes diagonal roads look like an actual road. Why not structure walls? Diagonal walls would - all by themselves - make constructing structures far more in-depth and amazing. Pretty simple.


Round Wall: Also something I would love to see is a rounded wall, for that castley feel, or that gazebo you've always wanted in the back garden.



That's all I've got - if more good ideas show up in the below replies, I'll add em in.

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For rounded  architecture, I am a big fan of COB HOUSES which have a little bit of a fantasy-hobbitlike-faerie-medieval feel to them.


It would be tricky to design a "system" for building these however:


charlies-house-cohabitat-net.jpg   .little-hobbit-house-in-texas-by-gary-zuk .

The_Cob_House_-_Cadhay.jpg .   A-beautiful-cob-house-in-England.jpg









A key element seems to be to EMBRACE a little asymmetrical imperfection so you could probably do something with cob, adobe, or even a all new TERRACOTTA style unique to Wurm




(I haven't quite decided whether that is a NAKED WOMAN on the front lawn, a bit of POP ART, or someone who just died from laughing)







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No bad ideas that I can see here!


Also, I'd love to see the usual suspects: Marble and clay brick walls.

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