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Enchanted Tools for Sale! + Spyglass + SP + Armor Set + Swords + Seryll + Gnomes

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Location Celebration. Buyer pays COD.


Price for each cast:

  1-49 power - Multiply by 0.50

50-69 power - Multiply by 0.75

70-79 power - 60c

80-84 power - 80c

85-89 power - 1s

90-92 power - 2s

93-95 power - 2,5s

96-97 power - 3s  

98-99 power - 3,5s


Example: Shovel with 70 coc and 70 woa - 60c+60c = 1.2s


Mystery Gift 1s

Gnomes 95c/ea

Spyglass 4.5s

Sleeping Powder 95c/ea

Yellow Potions 5c/ea

Armor Set - Accepting Offers PM

Swords - Accepting Offers PM

Seryll - Accepting Offers PM


XAnB5vA.png deVMRql.png?1



Location Deliverance.




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I'm interested in all of the Seryll Lumps

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