{Primordial - Tranquility} (HotS) Welgaia Recruiting Members

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Server: Primordial - Tranquility

Type: PVE

Kingdom: HotS

Allies: Mol-Rehan

Neutral: Freedom Isles

Enemies: Jenn-Kellon



I'll clean when I'm dead. So in a few minutes


I'm terrible at this sort of thing but here we go.


  As it currently stands I represent HotS on the custom server Primordial - Pandemonium (Tranquility is our login server). I represent it because simply put, my village is the only HotS settlement on the PVP server (as of writing this). War has yet to spark on the server, and it currently looks as though the majority of players are planning to only siege in retaliation.


  I am writing here not only to recommend and endorse the server I am on, but to seek the assistance of fellow followers of Libila. I am looking for members of all skill levels and experience. We have big plans for Welgaia, and need help making it happen. I can ramble on about perks and how great everything is, but how about I just lay it all on the table.


Wurm is only as good as it's community. I am hoping to expand mine and forge memories and adventures with friends.


Join Welgaia, where friends are like family.




Server Stats

  • Starting Village on PVE island for all new players.
  • Double ore density on PVP island, as well as very small chance of finding a glimmersteel or adamantium vein. Should attract more people over to PVP lands (Risk vs Reward)
  • Trader economy
  • 5x Skill / 4x Action rates
  • No cost for settlement creation
  • Deed upkeep
  • Mod: No priest restrictions
  • Mod: Custom coin drops on creatures
  • Mod: Can lead creatures other than horses across water
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