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Epic Construct Delivery Service

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Don't want to hassle with finding the right mission then traveling and setting up a building site for the epic construction piece you want? Or are just not skilled enough to create one yet!?


If so you came to the right place!


We have set out and constructed many of each epic structure so you don't have to and they can all be delivered from I-13 Xanadu at a 1s flat rate to any server but chaos!

(If your close to the delivery boat when ordering we will waive the delivery fee, all items my also be picked up for no extra charge.)


Pylon: In Stock

Price: 2s


Spirit Gate: In Stock



Shrine: In Stock

Price: 1.5s


Temple: In Stock

(Current model is a ? Bag)

Price: 1s


Obelisk: In Stock

Price 1.5s



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