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Updated: 19 July 2018


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How To Contribute

  • Please submit all deeds you find that aren't on the map and any deeds you find disbanded in this post.
  • Recently disbanded deeds don't need to be submitted as there is now a system in place to alert me to it. The deed will be removed in the next map update.
  • If you own a deed that was added but you don't want it on there PM me and I will remove the name but for the sake of accuracy leave the deed marker.
  • Be exact as possible using the X/Y coordinates (not in game coordinates) or preferably the map pointer link from the interactive map.
  • For new roads or canals an image with an example will be most helpful.
  • Also include if you would like a mailbox, merchant or public trader icon by your deed name.
  • Unlike mailboxes etc. which are just placed by the deed name, guard towers will be placed where they actually are on the map.
  • When I 'like' your submission post it means I've updated the master file and it will appear in the next map update.


Deeds needing to be checked if they still exist:


Deeds on the map founded and possibly disbanded before 12 October 2015
Arrowhead Docks
Atlas Heaven
Black Forest Cottage
Fishermans Cove
Gold Pearl Market
Hunter's Lodge
Lux et Veritas
Maple Hill
Maple View
Neue Welt Mining
Pernov Grad
Port In The Storm
Riley Harbor
Sarmatian Stronghold
Shipwreck Isle
Tall Pine Harbour
Tapatai Temepara
The Havenshire House
Top Notch
Widowmaker's Mine


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this map over the years, it would not be possible without the support of the community.


Edited by NESGamepro

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All set up at it's new home!


Thanks Eject for giving me the files to continue this project.


I'd love to see big lists of disbanded deeds and other corrections, I'll fix them as soon as possible.

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Thank you for continuing the map (and Eject for having done it so long).

Perhaps you could take a look at the layer with the geological names, before they will be gone in the fog of time... many of those names have missing letters, or sometimes even whole words are gone. Parts also seem covered by some painted in colors (maybe the layer is nested one too deep?). And sometimes they need some slight shifting over to be visible again.


A list which probably isn't complete:


Northern part:

- y9-13/x13-16: Shiver(?) Lakes: first word almost completely missing, I *think* it was Shiver

- y10/x28-29: Hippie should be Hippie Valley

- y17-18/x27-30 Olivewood Isthmus, Olive is broken up/unreadable

- y16/x29-32: Lake Serpentine (the ine is almost gone under paint)

- y4-6/x33-37: Avrad Harbor, arrow needs shifted a small bit to the left and name will be fully readable

- y18/x40-42: Gulf of Amber, missing A

- y14/x48-50: The Great Eastern Ocean misses the G in Great

- y21-22/x48-49: ..(.)d Bridge Atol, first word missing, maybe on old maps still readable?


Middle part:

- y26-27/x4-9: Bay of Promise, some shifting will put it above and below the chaos-arrow, making it readable again

- y30-32/x2-6 Wolf Island North, l of island is missing and some shifting would make it readable again

- y20-22/x8-12 Green Bay, half of the A is missing

- y22-23/x17-21 Valley of ....geddon, almost completely broken up/unreadable (northside of Esert)

- y19-21/x22-23 The Cliffs of .... (last word missing)

- y22-23/x23-24 Zinc Butte, Zinc needs shifted up a bit to be readable again

- y29-30/x20-21 .... Wood, first word completely gone

- y33-35/x29-33 Pineview Sound, P almost missing, Sou of Sound gone

- y27-31/x36-39 The Golden Forest or The Golden Woods (I think it was Forest, not quite sure): last word missing


South part:

- y38-42/x11-17 The Goblin Peninsula, G of Goblin almost gone, ins of Peninsula completely gone

- y36-37/x25-27 Ponds Pond, first P and O mostly gone

- y37-38/x22-24 Cape .... (last word missing)

- y40-43/x23-25 The ???(perhaps Skeleton?) Desert(?) Partly gone and textcolor maybe needs slightly changed?

- y48-49/x27-29 Sheriff Mountain, S and Mo(u) need some touching-up


Maybe not the most urgent list - but I think it would be a pity to let those geographical names become forgotten through slow disappearance. :)

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The way its set up its a hodgepodge of layers. The original paint file I believe was never passed on to Eject and he had to recreate it, there was a lot on there and it would have been a massive project. The way they handled this was to make a layer with the original map dump, then above it the old community map then above that proper layers for new deeds. If a deed is disbanded and it was on the old map its erased and the map dump shows through. Clever solution to an overwhelming project. But as you can see there were some down sides.


I think enough have been removed from the old map that I can recreate the missing ones and restore the area names to a proper layer, it will also require me to recreate the key and many other things but I was planning to do that. What would help me the most right now is to report any disbanded deeds or other errors.


Here is what the map would look like with the map dump from last April. It's very rough right now. It only shows the newer deeds, anything from the old map is missing and will have to be replaced to make it right.


Thanks for the list, it will be helpful when I get to that point.

Edited by NESGamepro

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Hounting Gardens, between Hounting Grounds and Toc Holdings x38 y9

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Nakantorin (y42 x27) disbanded

Revilins Retreat (y47 x22) disbanded


Nice to have someone working the map again. Thanks to Nesgamepro, and Leslie and Eject before.

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Hello Nes

Some Deednames i wrote on the wrong layer (i believe on deeds not on deednames) that was my issue ;) i wanted to change that but WU crosses my path ^^

thank you that you continue this project, i know you will do a good work with it

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Updated to here. New key and everything but the purple roads and the area names are on proper layers. This should be the last version that will include the clutter from the old map. New alternate version using the map dump from April as the background.

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Updated pointer, added layer toggles and archive. Area names on map restored, some road updates and proper layers for everything in the master file. I still want to clean up the grid layer but other than that the restoration is complete.


Merry X-mas Wurm!

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Nice work.

Opulence (x25/y33) has disbanded

Sante Akeja Desert (x27/y40 - Ejects deed) has disbanded too


Black Pearl (s16) stops being a market (the village will be there, but all who have merchants pls remove them)

Edited by Brocules
remark about black pearl market

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Jaz, the link you are using is old, make sure you are using the new map and link please.

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Hmm. Very strange, I thought 've opened it from the link on the OP :o So switching off my dimension distorting time machine, done again and the new link is:




For reference I've placed a pointer for the correct location of Caltas too (placed based on the 2015 mapdump layer):



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Port Oak (x:4 y:36) Long gone

Stonewall Bay (x:7 y:36) has disbanded

Wolfsbane (x:7 y:38) has disbanded

Starlight Breeders (x:5 y34) has disbanded

Port Trinity (x:7 y39) has disbanded

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Map Updated to here.


-Map toggles can now be saved

-Keybinds added (press keys 1-8 to control map toggles)

-Grid layer cleaned up and new white grid option

-Screen will now properly center on the pointer no matter what your screen size is

-Various style and design changes


Reload the page if you aren't seeing any changes or it's not working right.

Edited by NESGamepro

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m n r traders (22-34) disbanded. New deed, Bouncy Castle, on the same location

.new halas (32-47) disbanded

Hillside Hideout (38-41) disbanded

cadal (17-46) disbanded


Black Pearl (24-45) has a public trader. Purple Pearl (24-40) is reduced to trader deed without public trader or anything else. The highway through skeleton desert (from 24/39 to 24/45) has been moved to the coast entirely, so the lines are now from 24/39 to 22/39, and from there to Black Pearl (24/45) following the coastline.The red line through skeleton desert can be removed.



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Yes I know thanks, that was mine and I recently closed it. It will be removed in the next update, coming soon.

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great also that "good"  market without deed by esert  is just grass now  can be removed aswell...

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